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Serve with Strahl, anywhere and everywhere

17 August 2022

With Strahl, you can entertain with confidence anywhere and everywhere. Whether it be an outdoor bar, a hotel room, poolside, boat or spa, this exceptional drinkware will add a touch of luxury to any setting.

On top of the endless benefits, the Strahl range is highly economical and ecofriendly. Due to the nature of the product, less breakages means less replacements and therefore cost effective and will result in less items being manufactured and future proof your buying needs.

All Strahl® products are made of a high-quality polycarbonate, a remarkable material that creates the clarity and elegance of glass. What’s more, every product is hand finished to remove manufacturing join lines.

The result?

Beverageware that’s beautiful to look at, and equally beautiful to drink from. And unlike glass, Strahl® beverageware doesn’t shatter so it’s an extremely safe and long-lasting alternative, costing you less in the long term. Cocktails by the pool never looked so good served in our Strahl drinkware. From mojitos to negroni’s, the incomparable feel and clarity of glass makes this range the perfect choice of beverageware.

Quick service in bars made simple! Strahl products can be used with commercial dishwashers with ease. Designed to be chilled in either the refrigerator or freezer, while superior insulation properties keep beverages at optimal drinking temperature for longer. Should you need hotel room service drinkware, what better choice than virtually unbreakable products that are long lasting.

From coffee stations to bathroom glassware, Strahl have a design to suit the entire suite. Not to mention, the Da Vinci collection features exceptional insulation properties to keep beverages cool, meaning you can have the bottle of champagne chilling in their room and waiting!

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