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Tower Heated Stands  

custom action stations
The heater stands by D.W. Haber are the ultimate ‘wow’ factor for your action stations. Available in 20” and 40” sizes, these stands can be customized with a carving board, grill or aluminum insert, and provide the perfect surface for keeping your food warm.

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  • Heater Stand  DW04H202KGSS

    Heater Stand
    50.8 cm (20") 

  • Heater Stand  DW04H202KSS

    Heater Stand
    50.8 cm (20") 

  • Heater Stand  DW08H40KGSS

    Heater Stand
    101.6 cm x 35.6 cm (40" x 14") 

  • Heater Stand  DW08H40KSS

    Heater Stand
    101.6 cm x 35.6 cm (40" x 14") 

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