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Taking design inspiration from the beautiful markings within marble and concrete materials, we’ve created two new patterns on our gastronorm melamine trays. These classy looking trays are perfect for any buffet display, chilled display cabinets, or as stylish sharing platters.

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  • GN 1/1 Cover  6470ML10

    GN 1/1 Cover
    53 cm (21") 

  • GN 1/2 Cover  6470ML11

    GN 1/2 Cover
    32.5 cm (13") 

  • GN 1/3 Cover  6470ML12

    GN 1/3 Cover
    32.5 cm (13") 

  • GN 2/4 Cover  6470ML13

    GN 2/4 Cover
    53 cm (21") 

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