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Vintage Lace and Dots

Woven into Rona’s vintage Martini and Nick & Nora glasses, Steelite is offering new, elaborate etched patterns that more fully accentuate the sophistication of the classic cocktail era. These ethereal vine-like designs crawl suavely across the glass, livening the allure of the cocktail inside. Rona’s new etched patterns Vintage Lace and Vintage Dots enhance the existing beauty, adding style to style. The mixing beaker and Cana Lisa mixing glass are perfect vessels for mixing and measuring.

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  • Nick & Nora Dots  4854RA351

    Nick & Nora Dots
    16.26cl (5 1/2oz) 

  • Martini Cocktail Dots  4854RA354

    Martini Cocktail Dots
    23.65cl (8oz) 

  • Nick & Nora Lace  4854RB351

    Nick & Nora Lace
    16.26cl (5 1/2oz) 

  • Martini Cocktail Lace  4854RB354

    Martini Cocktail Lace
    23.65cl (8oz) 

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