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ultra clear, eco-crystal

Designed for the finest table settings, Aria is the top range from the RCR Collection. These thin glasses are impressively shock resistant thanks to the high-density of Eco-Crystal. The design of the glass angles inward from its widest point, indicating the right level of wine to be poured, while the wide cone-shaped bowl of the glass allows you to appreciate the gradations of color at its very best.

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  • Red Wine  662RCR308

    Red Wine
    11.43 cm (4.5") 77.63 cl (26.25 oz) 

  • White Wine  662RCR310

    White Wine
    9.21 cm (3.625") 45.84 cl (15.5 oz) 

  • Wine Goblet  662RCR311

    Wine Goblet
    8.57 cm (3.375") 38.45 cl (13.0 oz) 

  • Wine Goblet  662RCR309

    Wine Goblet
    11.43 cm (4.5") 70.98 cl (24.0 oz) 

  • Champagne Saucer  662RCR312

    Champagne Saucer
    11.43 cm (4.5") 33.27 cl (11.25 oz) 

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