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eternal elegance

Timeless is a modern collection with unmistakable style, chosen by the biggest alcohol producers for use in their advertising, and you will also find it on the set of many major motion pictures and especially in restaurants all over the world. Each cocktail glass features vertical lines that flair outward to the rim, creating a vessel that’s elegant & inviting.

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  • Wine Goblet  677RCR385

    Wine Goblet
    8.26 cm (3.25") 22.18 cl (7.5 oz) 

  • Champagne Flute  677RCR386

    Champagne Flute
    7.3 cm (2.875") 20.7 cl (7.0 oz) 

  • Water Goblet  677RCR384

    Water Goblet
    8.9 cm (3.504") 29.57 cl (10.0 oz) 

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