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Schlegel Villages is proud to partner with Steelite in most of our locations across Ontario. A Canadian owned and operated long term care and retirement living provider, we provide thousands of meals each day to our residents. Steelite products offer the durability required in our dining rooms and kitchens but also provide our residents with the elegance of fine china they were proud to use in their own homes.

George Madalena
Executive Chef
The Ruby, Schlegel Villages
Toronto, Ontario

Steelite is everywhere around me – it’s in all of my restaurants, in most of my photoshoots, and even my #1 choice for international competition plates. From Birdbar’s laid-back fried chicken and champagne comfort dishes to Restaurant du MAC & Monsieur Resto+Bar more delicate and soignée plates. I love the variety, durability and look of the brand; there’s something for everyone from the various lines that are offered. Customer service and client support are bar none, so it’s a true pleasure for me to work with the reps and products alike every season.

Kimberly Lallouz
Restaurant Monsieur
Montreal, Quebec

With a wide variety of products and styles that make it easy to beautifully showcase a range of dishes and unbeatable durability that stands up remarkably to daily wear, Steelite is the perfect partner with which to enhance the creativity of our culinary team.

Dominique Gapany
Director of Operations
Real Hotels & Resorts, InterContinental & Choice Hotels

Steelite have really come up trumps again with Scape, as with continuing trends in food changing all the time Steelite have matched chefs expectations and produced a range that will lead the way and be seen in the worlds best kitchens. Scape is so versatile for the chef it can be showcased from high end establishments.

Chef at The Elephant Restaurant, Torquay, UK

The stunning craftsmanship of Steelite is integral to our presentation and really supports the overall experience for our guests. It is such a pleasure to have partners in the industry that are so complementary and share the same vision of quality and consistency.

Joshua Lucas
Executive Chef/PARTNER
Venice, CA

Steelite’s Contour collection is perfect for my rustic, street food style of food. The stylish design complements my dishes well, and the quality is exceptional.

Lee Desanges
Baked In Brick

I think that Steelite Art Glaze plates have a deeper connection with my food, while enhancing the sensory and aesthetic pleasure. I believe it is a unique, alluring collection of plates and bowls. The distinctive blue colours and handsome silhouettes are perfect for creative food presentation.

Igor Krichmar
Executive Chef,
La Boucherie, InterContinental
Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Crafted with wellness in mind, newly opened Solviva at The Spa at Terranea offers a unique restorative experience, with dishes that benefit the body and the mind. We appreciate our partnership with Steelite as their products enhance our food and beverage offerings and speak to the vibrant energy at Solviva.

RJ Dela Merced
Chef de Cuisine
Solviva, The Spa at Terranea
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

The perfect canvas for our dishes, every time. The quality of the Willow range reflects our menu and restaurant perfectly and allows us to show off our food to look the best it can be.

Irena Gordon
Trawler Trash

I have always liked plates and bowls that have a shape and pattern that comes from nature, and of course durable and strong. Steelite’s collection are elegant and fit our in house environment perfectly.

Head Chef, Utö Värdshus

I have used Steelite for many years and in various countries where I have worked in the past, and I have always liked the fact that Steelite has a plate for every concept - from casual to fine dining. The great variety and creativity of their designs, whether it is china, glass or silver, will match any style of cuisine.

Andrew Edwards
Culinary Director
Hilton Miami, Table 55
Miami, FL

Working with plates from Steelite gives me the opportunity to choose what I think the dish deserves to be presented. Even a plate can be the first idea of a new dish that you can continue with.”

Head Chef, Brasseriet

Concept and design are two important factors when selecting our tableware for Bachour in Miami, and that is why we chose Steelite. The colors and materials of their tableware highlight our creations and make the perfect complement to our menu.

Antonio Bachour
Miami, FL

We choose Steelite because we were looking for something strong and durable, but also with an elegant and original design. After 2 years, we are absolutely sure that this has been the best choice we could make, thank you.

Executive Chef, Cucina Torcicoda

Steelite’s beautiful plate designs add another element to the dining experience. From a Chef’s point of view the plates are a form of inspiration. We use several different types and patterns throughout the restaurants. The vast selection Steelite offers ensures that you can always count on the right plate for the right dish.

Bradley Kilgore
Alter, Brava & Kaido
Miami, FL

The pieces Steelite offers has become part of the creative process for me. Being able to count on the affordability, durability and reliability of their customer service will always keep me choosing Steelite.

Debbie Gold
Executive Chef
Tied House
Chicago, IL

I started to use Steelite products almost for fun and now it has become difficult to work without. I like colours and shapes but what I love the most about Steelite products is how it feels when you touch them. When I hold in my hand a Steelite plate, I get inspired!

Gabriele Giuliani
Chef Patron, Il Fornello

I needed plateware that would be appropriate for curries, rice, etc. Steelite was key. With a previous brand, I found myself continually replacing the plateware, as it often broke. I did not replace a single Steelite plate the first 6 months of opening. Steelite offers the best of both worlds - beauty & durability.

Harold Dieterle
Chef at Kin Shop
New York, NY

The moment I walked into Steelite’s showroom, I knew I found what I was looking for. Steelite has exceeded my expectations, from the quality of its products to its excellent customer service. I really enjoyed working with the entire Steelite team.

Pepe Barajas
La Josie
Chicago, IL

Dining is an experience made of endless details. Steelite craftsmanship helps you in setting one right.

Executive Chef, Villa Rospigliosi

Opening your own restaurant is both exhilarating and stressful. That’s why I am grateful for our custom Leonelli Steelite plates that have a lifetime guarantee—one less factor to worry about.

Jonathan Benno
Leonelli Taberna & Benno, Evelyn Hotel
New York, NY

Steelite Simplicity plateware and cookware have been a huge success at O&B Canteen. For our fast paced and casual dining restaurant, the durability, variety, interesting shapes & sizes have been a perfect fit. The pleasant service I have received from Steelite is noteworthy as well.

Jason Bangerter
Executive Chef of O&B Canteen
Toronto, Ontario

Steelite has been a staple in my kitchens for over 15 years. Some of the pieces I have are over 10 years old and are still in regular circulation and looking like new. They continue to evolve and create new styles and trends in the industry and keep us chefs wanting more!

Chris Bonfili
Executive Chef/Owner
Bonfire Food & Drink
Pittsburgh, PA

For years Steelite has been a joy to work with! Consistently beautiful new tabletop designs hungry for my food to be plated on!!

Jonathan Brooks
Indianapolis, IN

With its unique thermal shock resistance, edge chip technologies, and elegant design, the Steelite collection represents the gold-standard in table presentation. The CIA is proud to continue its longstanding partnership with Steelite, a company which represents the college's core values of excellence & innovation.

Dr. Victor A.L. Gielisse
CMC, CHE, Vice President
The Culinary Institute of America

I was excited to make the transition over to Steelite. The Steelite plates we use are simple with clean lines. I believe that the plate should never be the hero for any dish, the food should be. By moving over to Steelite, our guests have no choice but to focus on what they came to The Keg for, beautiful looking, amazing tasting food.

Steve McGoey
Culinary Director/Corporate Chef
The Keg Steakhouse + Bar
Toronto, Ontario

The access to be creative with dishes and the flexibility of the Steelite ranges and items we use allows us to present our menu perfectly. The most important thing for us is the food, so making sure we serve it on tableware that shows off the food is key.

Andrew Keeling
Head Chef

On our Rocky Mountaineer trains, we aim to provide a feast for the senses with gourmet cuisine accompanied by stunning scenery and award-winning service. My team works under unique circumstances, serving over one million plates of food from our galley kitchen each season as the train travels through the Canadian Rockies. We work with locally-sourced, fresh ingredients to produce a decadent culinary experience for our guests and Steelite has been an excellent partner in helping us deliver a memorable culinary experience. Steelite products are elegant, stylish, functional and durable.

Jean Pierre Guerin
Executive Chef
Rocky Mountaineer
Vancouver, Canada

We wanted to create a premium feel for the restaurant and needed to be certain the plates would be durable enough for such a busy, fast-paced environment, so Steelite was the natural choice. And our customers love them.

Dan Wilbraham
Head of Food and Beverage

Steelite offers a great balance between contemporary design & lasting durability. For high volume restaurants such as ours, both are of utmost necessity. It is equally important that our chinaware be resilient - while at the same time be of highest aesthetic quality.

Stephen Hanson
President of BR Guest Restaurants

I have been a fan of Steelite for many years when I was in the USA, so of course after coming to Toronto for opening a brand new luxury hotel and a new restaurant, Steelite was definitely my first choice. The quality and durability of their china is exceptional and I always love all the variety of designs that they have available that you can’t find anywhere else.

Guillaume Robin
Executive Chef
Louix Louis, The St. Regis
Toronto, Ontario

Steelite plates make my food pop like no other! They have changed the way that chefs plate food.

Owner & Chef of Lola & Lolita Restaurants

My partnership with Steelite has helped my team and me to create unique dishes for the award-winning Signatures Restaurant for the past 20 years. Each season, Steelite develops new patterns and designs in their dining ware that provide creative plating opportunities for our restaurant to display aesthetically pleasing dishes to our guests. Steelite’s quality in their china, cutlery, and glassware is remarkable and allows us to showcase Signatures Restaurant and The InterContinental Brand.

Christopher Perera
Executive Chef
InterContinental Toronto Yorkville
Toronto, Ontario

When it comes to crockery Steelite stands above the rest. The contemporary, stylish and sophisticated designs act as a perfect canvas for our food. Steelite is the brand we trust, and they bring our business great results.

The Food Design Agency

When I was shown Royal Crown Derby as an option for our afternoon tea service I knew we had found the perfect solution. The delicate design adds that finishing touch to our high end product, adding a sense of occasion and class to service. There is an appreciation and respect for the product by both staff and guests.

Head Chef
Warwick Castle

For me a new dish starts with the plate ware, it is an integral part of the food. It is the canvas to our art. They go hand in hand, and one cannot be without the other. Steelite understands the importance, and that is why we have been in partnership for a very long time. They not only offer durable beautifully designed products but they also share the same passion towards food and appreciation for their customers. Most of all, the glue to this partnership is their exceptional customer service.

Keith Pears
Executive Chef
SOCO, Delta Hotel
Toronto, Ontario

My latest adventure ‘Singh for your supper’ is now up and running and my kitchen is kitted out with stunning tableware from Steelite. The stylish shapes, designs and different materials are perfect for presenting my ever changing Supper Club menu. The quality is outstanding too, just what I need to create an experience


The simple elegance of Steelite International chinaware elevates our food presentation.

Director of Culinary at The Capital Grille
Darden Restaurants, Inc

For years I was a compulsive buyer of unique, inexpensive designs from little shops in Chinatown. One day Alex Gonzalez took me around to restaurants I had been going to for years in Chinatown, and I was surprised to see how many of them were using Steelite. He said something that stayed with me, “I believe, and my customers believe in this product because the quality is there.” Not only have I found that Steelite makes economic sense, but I am exceedingly impressed by their design, durability, and customer service. It is truly a pleasure to work with their products, and I look forward to a long partnership with this innovative company.

Marcel Larrea
Tiradito Bar
Montreal, Quebec

Optik looks exclusive without being too posh or pretentious. It’s a fantastic design that’s presentable and clean so it doesn’t distract but enhances the food on the plate.

Burridge's, Torquay

While looking out at the city skyline, surrounded by the energy of the city, guests at the Calgary Stampede enjoy dining on locally-sourced foods from our Grown Right. Here. Program. The Stampede is committed to connecting urban and rural lifestyles, which is why Steelite is the perfect partner for our organization. A spread from traditional western to the latest culinary delights plated on Steelite’s chic, modern design presents a true farm-to-table experience.

Derek Dale
Executive Chef
Calgary Stampede
Alberta, Canada

The great shapes of Steelite plates give chef’s inspiration. With a wide range of products to choose from, we find lots of inspiration to enhance our creations.

Executive Chef Patron, Piccolo Lago

Beverage programming has never been more exciting than it is right now. Great innovation, exotic and fresh ingredients,
and unique ice forms are all elements to help wow consumers. But, all can be lost if not presented in the right vessel. Steelite is a company who has kept up with those trends with their cutting-edge designs and forward thinking, fully aware of how important glassware is to the cocktail, beer, and wine industry.

Max Ennamany
Divisional VP, Corporate Beverage, Landry’s Inc.
Chart House, Landry’s Inc.
Weehawken, NJ

With years of experience in high volume kitchens, I have enjoyed the consistent quality of Steelite. My culinary team loves the variety and new styles of dishes; we have used them to expand our repertoire of weekly specials. You can’t beat the lifetime chip warranty, I give this product five stars!

Stephen L. Vice
Executive Chef
Aquarium, Landry’s Inc.
Denver, CO

There are moments in life when you meet someone for the first time and you feel you already know them. When I saw Steelite for the first time I was speechless, I knew I had found what I was looking for. I will continue to use Steelite for the rest of my
professional life.

Chef Patron, Villa Garzoni

We are very proud to partner with Steelite at Chart House Restaurants. Steelite products bring a unique quality to the presentation of our menu items with their beauty, sophistication and contemporary design. Steelite is the industry leader in strength and quality for plateware, and considering the high volume of our operations, we are very pleased with the performance of our Steelite products.

Rich Penny
Chart House Concept Executive Chef
Peohe's Chart House, Landry’s Inc.
San Diego, CA

I have found that the clean lines and fantastic durability of Steelite has been an advantage to the great success of Wing Lei.

Chef at Wing Lei
Las Vegas

Managing and operating the culinary aspects of the banquet facilities, a private club as well as multiple restaurants and bars of a major Resort Hotel and Marina can present some unique challenges; keeping up on tabletop being one. Steelite continues to help us meet these challenges on a consistent and ongoing basis. Vision, value, variety, and service is what comes to mind when considering Steelite for our tabletop solutions.

Mark Heimann
Executive Chef/Food & Beverage Director
Renaissance Vinoy
St. Petersburg, FL

Masterpieces was a magnificent opportunity to share my own interpretations of unique and traditional dishes with a great audience. Thank you Steelite International.

Chef and Owner
Tippling Club

When tasked with the lofty goal of revamping the food and menu of a 30-year-old restaurant group, I knew that the plateware we chose was just as important as the menu items themselves. Four years later, we have fully integrated our new plateware into 250+ locations across the country and are so proud of the look and feel of the restaurants as a whole. Steelite’s innovation, design, durability, and service are unmatched in the industry and make us and our customers even more excited for what’s to come!

Shane Schaibly
Corporate Chef & VP of Culinary Strategy
First Watch Restaurants, Inc
University Park, FL

Steelite china offers a crisp, clean, modern look that perfectly complements our refined yet relaxed atmosphere. The Rene Ozorio collection adds an extra dimension to our food which is artfully prepared and presented and brings our classic fine-dining experience to life, with seafood or steak as center stage. The beautiful craftsmanship and subtle details enhance the aesthetic
of each of our dishes, further strengthening our dedication to the culinary artistry that is part of our overall food philosophy.

Ray Comiskey
VP Culinary Executive Chef
Eddie V's Prime Seafood
Orlando, FL

Steelite delivers a product that is not only clean and refined, but elegant and durable at the same time.

Chef at Mizumi
Las Vegas

Throughout the past 10 years Steelite has been an excellent partner by creating new innovative products that compliment the variety of food and beverage outlets our Resort offers to our guests.

Oliver Reschreiter
Director of Operations
JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa
Phoenix, AZ

I love Steelite for the quality and design of their products. They offer shapes and sizes that compliment my food and provide a perfect canvas for creativity.

Chef at Andrea's
Las Vegas

The week MOPHO opened it was crazy busy; I frantically grasped for a Koto bowl to fill up with glazed chicken wings, as we were badly in the weeds, but it slipped awkwardly out of my fingers. The whole kitchen held its breath as the bowl tumbled end over end through space as it would surely smash into a galaxy of pieces at its current velocity. After what seemed like an eternity trapped in a second, that bowl hit the concrete and I kid you not, it bounced! Not a chip on it! They are now referred to in the MOPHO kitchen as the incredible bouncing bowls and I’ve used nothing but Steelite ever since.

Michael Gulotta
Executive Chef/Partner
MOPHO & Maypop
New Orleans, LA

Steelite’s versatility fits the most sophisticated state
of the art kitchen dishes.

Maria Jose San Roman
Chef at Monstarell Restaurant

Steelite coordinates perfectly with our decor at the new restaurant La Vaquería. When we are looking for something special we know Steelite can deliver.

Sebastian Abad
La Vaquiera

I used the Optik range in the Knorr Blue Dragon Recipe competition. I was delighted to be able to use the design as it is absolutely striking, and allow the food to stand out. To top it, I won the competition.

Food Development Director at Elior UK

Steelite provides a truly unique line of service ware and attention to detail. When working with their team, they take the time to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need for your restaurant. The diversity within their line helps us pick the perfect pieces to plate our dishes and impress our guests.

John Castellucci
Executive Chef
Bar Mercado
Atlanta, GA

The many choices that Steelite has to offer allows me to be very creative and takes some of the work out of the presentation of the food. The restaurant requires our dishes to be durable and Steelite provides a sense of trust, as well as a combination of great style & design at a reasonable price.

Executive Chef of Stock
Toronto, Ontario

From the beginning Steelite has been so great to work with. I love the creative diversity in their designs. Their level of integrity is unmatched and their product is just a pure joy to plate on.

Ryan Smith
Executive Chef & Partner
Atlanta, GA

We have been Steelite International customer for many long years, notably by the equipment in Solar for our room service. I appreciate the elegance of Steelite International dinnerware

M Luc Rodrigues
Le Majestic Lucien Barriere Cannes Palace

Dubai World Trade Centre has been using Steelite International tableware for over 22 years and we are very satisfied with the quality and durability of their products, truly a benchmark of quality products

Rakesh Sinha
Director Commercial Food & Beverage at the Dubai World Trade Centre

With a restaurant that serves so many different styles of food it can be difficult to find the right service-ware that is both reliable and affordable. Steelite has always done a great job developing new products, allowing us to constantly explore new presentations for our guests. With Steelite, we are confident that our service-ware will stand the test of time. For us it’s Steelite all the time!

Kevin D. Gillespie
President & Chief Ideas Man
Atlanta, GA

Using Steelite products within our establishments has resulted in far less breakages, better food presentation and exceptional cost savings in use.

Sallin Heng
Frasers Hospitality

As operators in the fast paced world of hospitality, we consider innovation an absolutely critical survival skill. Few companies represent innovation as effectively as Steelite, which is why we value our partnership with them so highly. The limit of the imagination is the only restriction when it comes to defining our restaurant’s narrative with the exceptional presentation pieces Steelite offers.

Greg Best
Ticonderoga Club
Atlanta, GA

At RCP/Williamsburg Metal, Connie and her shop allow for detailed customization, mixing in old world charm with modern aesthetic. We chose Robert Gordon Pottery at Legasea because of its handmade feel and durability. Its Australian-designed pattern gives a unique feel to our restaurant.

Jason Hall
Executive Chef
Legasea Seafood Brasserie at Moxy Hotel, TAO Group
New York, NY

I’ve always been intrigued by the dialogue between food and its presentation. The right plateware is an essential part of the narrative. Working with Steelite has been a delightful collaboration for us at The Inn at Little Washington. Their one of a kind designs allow us to match the perfect plate with every course.

Patrick O'Connell
The Inn at Little Washington
Washington, VA

Over the years Steelite has become a staple in my restaurant, truly a backyard gem for Western PA restaurants. When you work with the best like Steelite, it means you have become one of the best, and you can’t have sexy food without sexy china!

Drew Garbarino
Twisted Frenchman
Pittsburgh, PA

For many years and restaurants I have become a fan of Steelite products. I have enjoyed the exceptionally creative canvas
for plating food. The durability and innovative patterns are unmatched. When opening Boundary, Basso, and 360 we chose a variety of patterns to present our cuisine, elevating the presentation to a rare appreciated joy.

Rex Hale
St. Louis, MO

Hundreds of chefs pass through our kitchen each year for menu development, the Roots Chef Conference and visits to our family farm, The Chef’s Garden. Steelite’s purposeful and beautiful range of products perfectly complements the diversity of chefs and events we host. From family-style meals under the stars to elegant plated dinners, there’s always a design that’s just right. Visiting chefs trust the Steelite brand, because it enhances the overall quality of the experience they’re providing to guests at our Earth to Table Dinners and private events.

Farmer Lee Jones
The Chef’s Garden
Milan, OH

Steelite is synonymous with bringing elegance to our tables. Excellent durability and service from the factory, also a lifetime edge chip warranty gives us
peace of mind.

Chef at La Taberna Del Gourmet
Alicante, Spain

I love Steelite's new cutting edge designs - they make my food jump off the plate! On top of that, the durability is second to none - Even in our high volume environment in Jamaica. Steelite's dynamic and professional team is such a please to work with!

Executive Chef of Couples Resorts

Steelite combines style, elegance, and functionality with a unique and contemporary design all of its own. I can always count on Steelite to make my food look as good as I do!

Executive Chefof Yellowtail
Las Vegas, NV

I just love the modern style of Steelite plates! Makes it so easy for me to create beautiful plates.

Jonas Andresson
Chef, Le Rouge

When we moved to the new restaurant in Napa we had an opportunity to buy all new china, and there were a number of Steelite pieces we just had to have. The combination of look and feel and price is pretty hard to beat. Steelite is our go-to china.

Ken Frank
Chef/Proprietor of La Toque
Napa, CA

I've been working with Steelite for a long time in different venues - in ten different locations. They listen, they have no ego, they are flexible and constantly challenging themselves to create new products.

Craig Gilbert
Partner of Tacos & Tequila
Las Vegas, NV

We use the Steelite Craft range for breakfast, lunch and desserts, however the range functions equally well on our fine dining evenings where the beautiful colours and glazed finish help to enhance the overall look of our dishes.

Melanie Owen
Owner, Sprotbrough Tea Rooms

I have used Steelite for years, simply because of the elegance and versatility it provides. The price, durability, along with new product lines gives us the ability to maintain the highest quality for our property.

Executive Chef of Wynn Encore
Las Vegas

I knew that Steelite was the product that I wanted based on the high volume we do in the buffet, the durability of the plate along with the great customer service. One of the best products I've used in the last twenty years of my experience in food and beverage.

Joseph Maloney
VP of Food and Beverage Cache Creek
Brooks, CA

We are privileged to work with some one the best ingredients and suppliers in the world. Steelite is the perfect compliment to those ingredients. Simple, elegant, stylish, functional and durable.

Ronald Molinaro
Il Pizzaiolo
Pittsburgh, PA
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