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  • A feel good Craft sighting at The Federal Cafe Bar
    20/12/2018 11:08

  • Blue Dapple at Crust Pizza & Wine, Russia
    20/12/2018 10:56

  • Craft spotted at 300 East
    20/12/2018 10:42

  • A delicious Scape sighting in Venice
    20/12/2018 10:35

  • A delicious Craft sighting at Meril restaurant in New Orle...
    18/12/2018 16:43

  • A sweet Spyro sighting at 1051 GWR Bar and Grill
    09/11/2018 11:23

  • Craft & Koto at The Orange Tree in Stoke on Trent
    09/11/2018 11:13

  • A simply scrumptious Craft sighting at Kapnos
    09/11/2018 10:54

  • Koto spotted at The Spencer Hotel in Dublin
    09/11/2018 10:37

  • Scape spotted at Casters Bar and Grill in Congleton
    09/11/2018 10:29

  • A fresh Craft sighting at the Island Grill in London
    09/11/2018 10:23

  • A beautiful Scape sighting at Romazzino Restaurant
    09/11/2018 10:16

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COVID-19 Announcement

We are pleased to report Steelite International UK is open for business. As the need to support essential businesses increase, we have taken steps to offer limited service to our customers.  Steelite UK is currently despatching every weekday, Monday through Friday, to locations worldwide.

To place orders or arrange a shipment, please contact Karen Sanderson at or call us at  + 44 (0) 1782 829421 or + 44 (0) 1782 821000 where we will be happy to take your enquiry.   

As we navigate the challenges posed by COVID-19, we continue to follow the latest guidelines to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.  Our number one priority continues to be the health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees.