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Bring a playful edge to tabletops with Ink

15 January 2020

For tabletop presentations, Steelite International’s most recent launch, Ink, is nothing short of inspired. This stunning range of catering tableware is a champion of reverie. Heavily influenced by the relaxed style of the 1960s the natural hues and eye-catching designs make for an effortlessly versatile collection that’s guaranteed to delight.

Ink is an undeniable reflection of our relationship with food, family and art. Calming and homely, yet incontrovertibly fashionable, this ceramic collection will take diners on a journey of discovery while evoking the happiest of memories of days gone by.

For any occasion, formal or otherwise, Ink offers an eclectic backdrop for food presentation. Available in seven different colours and complementing patterns, each piece can be used in conjunction with others, or on its own for a diverse and multifarious table that awakens the senses and cheers the spirit.

From contrasting jacquard decoration to playful mosaics bursting with life, Ink catering tableware is unapologetic in its presence and a perfect partner to vintage dining experiences brimming with style.

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