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The demand for melamine increases continuously, with practicality and durability being ever popular with hospitality venues. We offer a vast array of gastronorm melamine platters, bowls, ramekins, pedestals, and plates that are ideal for catering of all types.

Inspired by the iconic Craft collection, our Craft melamine tableware offering is the ideal selection for casual dining presentation inspired by rustic, natural scenes. Meanwhile, our collection of Melamine Driftwood flat trays and serving boards offer an easy-going, uncomplicated solution to showcasing delicious fare to delighted diners.

Home-cooked dishes from the beating heart of casual dining experiences. The Pompeii collection elevates Epicurean feasts and farm-to-table delights through its mosaic-inspired designs. Boasting a fantastic price point and maximum durability in comparison to traditional tableware, this selection of unique melamine dinnerware feels at home in any environment.

Throughout any services, risers work to elevate your menu, enhancing the food presentation with a range of heights in melamine. The pure white style offers a classic backdrop to display carefully arranged culinary creations and form the base of a perfect platform from which to showcase dishes to diners.

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