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Catering Plates

Steelite International are renowned for innovative, high quality catering plates made in our alumina vitrified body. This clay body gives unrivalled strength and durability, whilst our manufacturing process and designs bring about great features such as stackability for back of house storage. Steelite Distinction and Performance offer a variety of catering plates for all dining occasions.

Monaco is a stylish range designed to offer everything from sophistication to strength, while Simplicity infuses elegance with undeniable style and durability. For something a little different, Taste features a number of interesting shapes, with catering plates designed to add style and excitement throughout the course of casual dining. The vast Bead collection features 2 distinct, contemporary embossed designs and covers almost 30 item sku’s, making it a go to range for almost all catering needs.

For dining environments which require more refined tabletop presentations, Urban effortlessly elevates while creating a sensual connection between food and catering plate. Featuring a dark rim and concrete inspired textures, Urban conveys sophistication with a metropolitan edge that pays homage to traditional values. Alternatively, Blue Dapple brings the cleanliness of Simplicity with a touch of abstract intrigue for a perfectly framed blank canvas.

Our collection of catering plates across both the Steelite Distinction and Performance Range go the distance in all types of service environments. From fine dining to bistro and casual eateries, our carefully curated designs stand out from the crowd while providing mix and match opportunities for creative, innovative tabletops.

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