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heightened senses, amplified presentation
Urban appeals to a sharper, city aesthetic where food is still tied to the traditional values of honesty, integrity and authenticity, but requires a slightly more formal, more defined and refined presentation style. Emulating a concrete look, Smoke is a new collection of tableware that takes its inspiration from the aesthetics associated with the act of cooking. The subtle and nuanced tones of grey contrast with the darker reactive elements to mirror the effects of browning and searing, creating a connection between the food and the plate.

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  • Sugar/Bouillion Club  12080379

    Sugar/Bouillion Club
    22.75cl (8oz) 

  • Coupe Plate  12080568

    Coupe Plate
    15.25cm (6”) 

  • Freestyle Bowl  12080525

    Freestyle Bowl
    13 cm (5") 13.6 cl (4 oz) 

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