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Wabi Sabi

The art of imperfection

Introducing the Wabi Sabi collection, the latest design by Rene Ozorio. Combining his simplistic porcelain shapes with reactive ceramic glass, Rene Ozorio has developed a pattern of unparalleled raw beauty. Embodying an imperfect style, and a natural semi matte finish, no two pieces of these double-fired, hand-glazed items are alike. Providing chefs with the ability to plater an organically inspired pieces.

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  • Plate Coupe  6414MY007

    Plate Coupe
    15.25cm (6") 

  • Coupe Plate  6415MY007

    Coupe Plate
    15.25cm (6") 

  • Coupe Plate  6416MY007

    Coupe Plate
    15.25cm (6") 

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