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Opera has been part of RCR’s history for more than 30 years. Made of 100% recyclable Eco-Crystal, it has increased the notoriety of the brand with its timeless “Made in Italy” style.

Champagne Saucer

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SKU 672RCR364
Pattern Opera
Material Crystalline
Size 10.16 cm (4.0") 23.66 cl (8.0 oz)
Height 13.97 cm (5.5")
Max Diameter 10.16 cm (4.0”)
Capacity 23.66 cl
Carton Pcs 12
Carton Volume 0.019 cu. m
Carton Weight 3.175 kg
Carton Dimensions 410 x 308 x 153 mm
Barcode 720201258498

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