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An innovative sighting of Potter’s Collection at Salt+

13 January 2020

Founded by professional Chef Jill Vedaa and sommelier Jessica Parkison, Salt+ in Lakewood, Ohio triumphs in creating meaningful dining experiences that translate into treasured memories. This minimalist restaurant centres service around small plates of fresh vegetables, meat and fish designed for sharing, allowing diners to sample a seasonal menu that goes much further than simply satisfying appetites. To accompany the flavoursome food, Salt+ offers a comprehensive and carefully curated wine list alongside innovative, cleverly named cocktails bursting with personality. In short, Salt+ effortlessly combines tapas and cicchetti traditions with eclectic adventure and a journey of discovery that tantalises taste buds and piques interests with each bite.

For small plates such as these championed by Vedaa, the catering tableware used in their presentation presents a perfect opportunity to showcase each individual dish. For the vibrant bowl of pork chorizo bolognese with hominy grits and poblano relish pictured, the Potter’s Collection dish it sits in is both striking and unassuming. Created by Australian-born Robert Gordon, this beautiful compilation of naturalistic porcelain is embossed with concentric circles, drawing the eye of the diner toward the vibrant, exemplary creation before them for a wholly immersive experience.

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