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The butter board trend

2 February 2024

Are Charcuterie boards a thing of the past? Why not elevate your bread service with a butter board!

You might be thinking that this all sounds very plain. Butter with bread doesn’t immediately scream a culinary adventure. However, there is the potential to do so much more, by incorporating a range of ingredients as toppings. Working well as an appetiser, starter or side dish, the butter board is a fresh take on old, overdone platters.

Unlike cheese or meat, it’s extremely unlikely that your guests won’t be a fan of butter, ensuring the butter board’s title as a party favourite. As well as being more affordable, it is also quicker to make than the charcuterie board but still retains the same stylistic aspect that will inevitably impress all.

As always, presentation is key, meaning the butter can be smeared or sculpted into any chosen pattern or shape. The board is accompanied by fresh, warm bread on the side for scooping.

Trays for butter:

  • Nordic trays
  • Nyx + Asteria trays
  • Robert Gordon Adelaide oblong tray
  • Robert Gordon Potters Collection tray
  • Creations serving board
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