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12 September 2023

Are you ready for Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is the world's largest Volksfest, featuring a beer festival and a travelling carnival. It is held annually in Munich, Bavaria, running from mid- or late-September to around the first Sunday in October, with more than six million international and national visitors attending the event.

Culinary-wise, the Oktoberfest is not only known for the Oktoberfest beer, but you can also eat well there. From classic grilled chicken to simple cold dishes, the so-called Brotzeiten (“Bread times”) are still very popular. Many sweet dishes are actually served as main dishes and not desserts in Bavaria, especially Kaiserschmarrn, which is cut-up, caramelized pancake, and is usually eaten with apple puree or stewed plums.

But the main focus of the event is of course the beer! Bavarians know their beer, and they like to keep things simple, served in the iconic traditional Steins, Tankards and Bierstiefels. Traditionally speaking, Oktoberfest beers, dubbed Märzen, are dark-colored lagers brewed to about 5.5 – 6% ABV in March and slowly fermented throughout the summer months to allow the beer to pick up rich malt flavours.

Enhance traditional flavours with Steelite International, discover a selection of beer glasses to cater to this popular event:

Strahl – Design and contemporary, Beer: Made from polycarbonate, these robust products are made to withstand & retain the cool temperatures of a refrigerator or freezer. Perfect when wanting to avoid any glass breakages.

Strahl - Vivaldi, Beer Mug: Not only will your servers appreciate the lightweight & durable design, but your bottom line will reflect a cost savings from less replacement.

RCR – Tattoo, Moscow Mule: An alternative beer glass that could be used for smaller servings. The contemporary style will certainly stand out amongst the classic giant beer stein glasses.


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