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Cutting edge designs are here! Introducing Carve from Aspen drinkware, this collection will revolutionize the dining experience. Made up of a virtually unbreakable polycrystal material, Carve has the look and feel of real glass and is perfect for any dining occasion. The unique facets provide an eye-catching element that operators desire and offer a comfortable & secure hold for diners.

Highland Cut Tumbler

SKU 7030DR048
Pattern Carve (7030)
Material Polycrystal
Size 8 cm (3.15") 26.62 cl (9 oz)
Height 9.200 cm (3.625")
Max Diameter 7.938 cm (3.125")
Bottom Diameter 7.303 cm (2.875")
Top Diameter 7.938 cm (3.125")
Capacity 26.62 cl
Item Weight 0.181 kg
Carton Pcs 24
Carton Volume 0.019 cu. m
Carton Weight 4.536 kg
Carton Dimensions 345 x 260 x 210 mm
Barcode 105000000000000

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