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Steak Knives

Designed to sit seamlessly on the tabletop and in guests’ hands, Steelite International provides only the highest quality steak knives which produce a precise cut with ease. Each knife combines high blade quality and durability with sleek designs to create a unique dining experience for all to enjoy.

Renowned for their precision crafted excellence, the Laguiole steak knife collection by Jean Dubost provides flexibility and precision to your tabletop. Each Laguiole knife is expertly crafted using a totally unique firing process which contributes to an effortless, showstopping dining experience. Available in a variety of handle options with a flexible serrated blade, Jean Dubost steak knives allow you to create tabletop presentations that exude flair whilst providing guests with the perfect cut.

More than functional, Varick Steak Knives add something a little extra to the tabletop with a variety of handle designs to complement any style and either sharpened or serrated, round or pointed stainless steel blades.

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