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Beer Glasses and Tumblers

Three ranges made from crystalline glass for excellent clarity. With the emphasis on quality, all feature a solid glass base, strong sides and edge bevelled rims for perfect presentation and balance.

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  • Tulip Beer  4100NP417

    Tulip Beer
    44cl (14 1/2oz) 

  • Large Whisky Tumbler  4404NP716

    Large Whisky Tumbler
    31.3cl (11oz) 

  • Long Drinks Tumbler  4102NP112

    Long Drinks Tumbler
    36.3cl (12 3/4oz) 

  • Soft Drinks Tumbler  4100N114

    Soft Drinks Tumbler
    28.5cl (10oz) 

  • Whisky Tumbler  4102NP115

    Whisky Tumbler
    28.5cl (10oz) 

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