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Tag Holders & Clips

A new range of display and service aids to enhance our counter serve product. Clips and Tags, both freestanding and fixable offer to display and describe what is being served.

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  • Clear P.C. Clip-on Spr...  68A373EL541

    Clear P.C. Clip-on Spr...
    3" w. x 4" h. 

  • Spiral Sign Holder  68A374EL536

    Spiral Sign Holder
    2 3/8" dia. base x 3" h. 

  • Ring Clip  68A375EL538

    Ring Clip
    2" dia. base x 4" h. 

  • Ring Clip  68A375EL539

    Ring Clip
    2" dia. base x 6" h. 

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