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With graceful intention, Steelite International introduces the stunning new Plateau collection designed by award-winning Martin Kastner for Crucial Detail. This timeless, subtle design seamlessly marries form and function creating a fresh take on a blank canvas for chefs everywhere. Elegant in its simplicity, this collection lifts the flat plate above the table’s surface for ease of transport without compromising presentation. A subtle relief in the center allows chefs to build on the high and low points of each piece, creating a gentle play of light and shadow on a pure geometric form. Elevate your own presentations with Plateau.

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  • Plateu Plate  6315P1209

    Plateu Plate
    30.5cm (12") 6.0cm (2 3/8") Rim 

  • Plateu Plate  6315P1210

    Plateu Plate
    30.5cm (12") 4.75cm (1 7/8") Rim 

  • Plateu Plate  6315P1211

    Plateu Plate
    17.0cm (6 5/8") 4.0cm (1 1/2") Rim 

  • Plateu Deep Plate  6315P1212

    Plateu Deep Plate
    17.0cm (6 5/8") 4.0cm (1 1/2") Rim 

  • Plateu Plate  6315P1213

    Plateu Plate
    28.0cm (11") 4.6cm (1 7/8") Rim 

  • Plateu Plate  6315P1214

    Plateu Plate
    23.0cm (9") 4.1cm (1 5/8") Rim 

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