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Fido Jars

Looking for ways to present your desserts and sides? Our Fido Jars are the perfect vessel when you need a covered single item for your culinary delights. Perfect for storage, fermentation, and presentation. With the rubber gasket to keep food fresh and the metal clamp for easy use, these jars are essential in any kitchen.

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  • Fido Jar  4949Q455

    Fido Jar
    37 3/4 oz 

  • Fido Jar  4949Q457

    Fido Jar
    19 oz (56.2 cl) 

  • Fido Chalkboard Jar  4949Q464

    Fido Chalkboard Jar
    54 3/4 oz 

  • Fido Chalkboard Jar  4949Q463

    Fido Chalkboard Jar
    37 3/4 oz 

  • Fido Chalkboard Jar  4949Q462

    Fido Chalkboard Jar
    29 oz 

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