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Discover Forager by Robert Gordon

10 October 2022

This impressive collection is designed with a carefully applied reactive glaze that free-flows over each shape to create a unique finish that’s different on every piece.

Featuring an unglazed bottom, this range highlights the richness of raw materials through exposed stoneware and offers a handmade & organic appeal.

Robert “Andy” Gordon mentions the name ‘Forager’ was inspired by the resemblance to tree bark, once used to gather things such a forage seeds, berries and roots from the forest.

Unlike any other, these enduring & functional shapes are finished with a stamp of Andy’s handwritten signature and will enhance any foodservice presentation.

The Forager collection consists of various sized plates, bowls and trays to suit a range of dishes. Complimented with a cup, mug and saucer to match, each item benefiting from being freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

For over 70 years, Robert Gordon Australia has been producing quality pottery. The brand stands for craftsmanship and creativity, and has been built around the importance of its heritage.

While continuing to grow because of its excitement for the future, Robert Gordon pieces are created with a strong focus on innovation and design.

Explore the Robert Gordon ranges:

Potter’s collection - a beautiful, naturalistic porcelain by Robert Gordon. This stunning range includes an exciting and informal assortment of embossed plates, platters, bowls and accessories. No two pieces of this Australian-designed porcelain will look exactly alike and the color intensity will vary from piece to piece, creating a hand-crafted look for your food presentation.

Adelaide – This natural and eclectic range consists of a reactive glaze finish on embossed porcelain wares. Birch, with its crackled glaze effect, is fired three times in order to achieve the glossy translucent, creamy white color with the natural clay body showing underneath. Brown reactive glaze edges and embossments create an incredible color contrast, ultimately framing the food presentation.

We believe that tableware should do more than serve your food – it should serve your vision. Get in touch today:

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