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Bistro Catering Crockery

Bistros incorporate high quality food, innovative presentation and stylish finishes to give you a unique dining experience, which is reflected in our bistro crockery. We combine elegant designs with durability to give you beautifully crafted catering crockery which will deliver on both performance and presentation.

Our Craft range is inspired by traditional methods of pottery production, which is evident in its rich and natural design. It features rustic colours in its glaze with a unique pattern on each piece, making it perfectly suited for statement dishes. This is contrasted with the Spyro range, supplying you with a simple design enhanced with contemporary swirls, delivering understated yet distinctive bistro crockery.

For innovative tabletop solutions our designers have developed a range of unique catering crockery. These combine interesting designs, with consistently high levels of production to give your dinner service a surprising and intriguing element. They enable you to add your own style to your bistro catering crockery, whether this is with a contemporary shape, or with a bold colour decision. The Float range exemplifies this, designed to appear as though it is hovering just above the tabletop, drawing the eye to the dish in the central well of the tableware.

Here at Steelite International we are constantly designing new and unique bistro catering crockery to give you the freedom to choose the ideal catering crockery to complement and enhance your dishes. Why not experiment with our wish list tool and gather together your favourite ranges and pieces to develop a tailor made bistro catering experience.

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