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Perfect Serve

The Perfect Serve Collection is based on an integral approach - starting with the look, through to the weight and right up to the ring of the glasses, all senses are addressed. All models which belong in the modern bar, from the T-shaped Martini glass through to the water glass and right up to the mixing glass are reflected in the standard style.

All glasses are tailored for standard freezers with regards dimensions and thereby allow comfortable pre-cooling.

These crystal glasses are suitable for all requirements - highly resistant to scratches and breakage, and completely dishwasher safe. 

The Perfect Serve collection has been developed in conjunction with internationally awarded bar expert Stephan Hinz.

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  • Cocktail
  • Tumblers
  • Coupette Glass  4117N084

    Coupette Glass
    23.5cl (8 1/4oz) 

  • Martini Cocktail Glass  4117N085

    Martini Cocktail Glass
    16.5cl (5 3/4oz) 

  • Old Fashioned Tumbler  4117N088

    Old Fashioned Tumbler
    27cl (9 1/2oz) 

  • Old Fashioned Tumbler  4117N089

    Old Fashioned Tumbler
    36.8cl (13oz) 

  • Small Longdrinks Glass  4117N090

    Small Longdrinks Glass
    24cl (8 1/2oz) 

  • Longdrinks Glass  4117N091

    Longdrinks Glass
    35cl (12 1/3oz) 

  • Nick & Nora  4117N354

    Nick & Nora
    16cl (5 2/3oz) 

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