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The Definition glass series combines functionality and aesthetics with unprecedented lightness. The Universal Glass comes in at just 120 grams, almost as light as a feather in the hand. Definition glasses were designed to showcase a wine's aroma and flavours at their very best.

Fully dishwasher-safe, Definition crystal glasses are designed and made in Germany. They underscore Spiegelau‘s clear commitment to quality and sustainability.

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  • Burgundy Glass  4523N988

    Burgundy Glass
    96 cl (33 6/7 oz) 

  • Bordeaux Glass  4523N989

    Bordeaux Glass
    75 cl (26 1/2 oz) 

  • Universal Glass  4523N990

    Universal Glass
    55 cl (19 2/5 oz) 

  • Champagne Glass  4523N991

    Champagne Glass
    25 cl (8 5/6 oz) 

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