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Crucial Detail  

Martin Kastner’s diverse design career began in a 16th century castle and has carried him through Michelin 3-star restaurants. From blacksmithing to architectural design to conceptual art projects, a common sense of function and aesthetics tie the work together.

In 2003 chef Grant Achatz contacted Kastner and a culinary collaboration was born. Their first project, a collapsible tripod for frozen hibiscus tea, has led to over 40 designs for the famed Alinea restaurant. Kastner designed the Alinea identity including the website, wine list, menus, business cards, and kinetic front-hall sculpture. But it is the serviceware designs that have captured the imagination of the industry by creating entirely new and beautiful ways of presenting and delivering food.

Martin Kastner’s Crucial Detail design studio has partnered with Steelite International to bring these acclaimed designs to the worldwide hospitality market for the first time.

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