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Designed by Rene Ozorio, the Sonata collection’s embossment is a delicate note which complements the strong direction of the shapes. A welcome departure from the formal “nouvelle” and “fusion” cuisine of the past, Sonata’s sophisticated embossment of radiant lines centers the visual focus on the well of each plate and bowl, placing emphasis on the cuisine being served.

Teapot w/Lid

SKU 6314P1056
Pattern Sonata (6314)
Material Porcelain
Size 54.7cl (18 1/2oz)
Capacity 54.7 cl
Item Weight 0.6 kg
Carton Pcs 12
Carton Volume 0.046 cu. m
Carton Weight 7.26 kg
Carton Dimensions 340 x 340 x 400 mm
Barcode 0105018461422755
EAN 5018461422755

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